Become a supplier

How to become a MERE supplier

The MERE retail network seeks to develop cooperation with manufacturers and distributors of goods. You can find out about the procedure for selecting MERE suppliers and the procedure for concluding a supply agreement by reading the Supplier Selection Policy.

Supplier documents

Supplier selection policy – goals, objectives, principles and other provisions governing the methodology for selecting suppliers of goods and the procedure for concluding supply contracts with them.

General rules for conducting auctions in the form of electronic trading – regulate the procedure for conducting electronic auctions by the retail trade network MERE. These Rules are binding on suppliers participating in the electronic auction.

Model contract and annexes to it:

Model contract for the supply of food products

Model contract for the supply of non-food products

Counterparty form

Specification form

Partner Guide:

– Supplier Guide

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the above documents, as well as, if possible, contact one of the MERE procurement departments to get a more complete picture of the MERE discounter format, the offered assortment and additional services.
You can send your commercial offers directly to the purchasing department of the country to which you want to supply the goods. You can find the contacts of the divisions for the EU countries here.

Please note that items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Each commercial offer is considered on a general basis and studied in terms of the range, offered prices, possible volumes and frequency of deliveries and logistics.