Since 2009, we have been a stable and reliable sales channel for our suppliers. As a major operator in the low-price segment, we invite suppliers of food and non-food products to cooperate. Without deviating from our principles, we take responsibility not only for a stable and rapidly growing turnover, but also for favorable conditions for our suppliers. We are convinced that success and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Acting in a simple and customer-centered manner using our responsibility and policy resources format, we create all conditions and a stable turnover of all product groups. This is an integral part of our daily activities. These values ​​are defined in our corporate principles and in our spiritual code.

MERE stores are distinguished by a diverse range of high-quality products and an optimal price-quality ratio. With our unique experience in the supply of fresh products, we are far ahead of other market players. Our partnerships are built not only with large manufacturers, but also with small local suppliers, which allows small entrepreneurs to consistently supply their products to our stores. The unique concept of the retail chain of discounters MERE is focused exclusively on professional manufacturers, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.


Dynamic and successful international growth of MERE stores

The dynamic and successful international growth of the company is its flexible business concept. Our business concept allows us to adapt to specific national and regional consumer needs. Close interaction with regional manufacturers and suppliers allows us to build trust. And contributes to the favorable perception of MERE stores in each country.

We work with over 2000 suppliers, some of which are local suppliers in every country where our stores are located.
We are always open for cooperation with those commodity producers whose products meet the quality and safety standards in force in the European Union, and also meet the requirements for the format of our stores.

Benefits for suppliers working with the MERE retail chain

  • Support for local producers, especially agricultural enterprises (European-made goods account for up to 90% of the range);
  • Expanding export opportunities to the countries where the MERE Group operates for producers of traditional food and organic products;
  • Fixed assortment and display of goods on pallets allows you to keep the maximum turnover of goods;
  • The ability to supply goods from one truck to one store allows you to reduce the costs associated with logistics;
  • The ability to improve product quality using the extensive experience of the MERE Group

mere purchasing department

The MERE retail network seeks to develop cooperation with manufacturers and distributors of goods. You can familiarize yourself with the procedure for selecting MERE suppliers and concluding a supply agreement by reading the Supplier Selection Policy.

“MERE” history. Why is it profitable to work with us?

Our core values ​​are Simplicity. Responsibility. Reliability. The actions of MERE companies are based on these three fundamental values. They form the basis of the MERE business model and its compliance concept.
Responsible and reliable actions are also required from MERE employees and business partners. Statutory regulations, directives must be observed. Corporate norms