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Where we are

The development of MERE in Europe began in 2016. A year later, in November 2017, an office was opened in Romania. Thus, Romania became the 1th country where FMCG manufacturers were able to take advantage of the MERE concept.

MERE retail chain as part of Svetofor

MERE is a retail chain of discounter stores represented in Europe and Ukraine as part of the Svetofor group of companies.

Svetofor is one of the largest Russian retail operators in the discounter segment. Svetofor stores are represented in Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Central Asia and has more than 2500 stores. Founded in 2009.


MERE has been present in Europe since 2017, when the company’s office in Romania was registered. The first stores were successfully opened in 2018. Today MERE stores in hard discounter format are represented in Europe in countries such as Romania, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine. In each country, we have central management offices and purchasing departments, which simplifies the interaction between supplier and stores.

We do not stop at what has been achieved until the end of 2020, we plan to expand our network in all Baltic countries. We have opened our central purchasing offices in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Greece, so we can offer local and regional manufacturers and suppliers stable and large sales volumes in our stores.

The company contributes to the development of optimal infrastructure in the retail sector, creates new stable jobs and makes a significant contribution to education and training.

Svetofor was founded in Russia in 2009

Already 7 years later, in 2016, there are more than 1000 stores throughout Russia. “Svetofor” is open in every hinterland of the Russian Federation, each store has a retail space of 800 to 1500 sq. m.

In 2017, the concept of “Svetofor” went beyond the borders of Russia, the first stores were opened in China and Kazakhstan.

svetofor in euvropa

At the beginning of 2018, the main focus of international expansion was on
rapidly growing markets in Eastern Europe, including Belarus and Asia. In 2018 we are opening the first store in Belarus under the Svetofor brand, by the end of 2019 there will be 60 stores in Belarus.

The internationalization strategy successfully implemented by the Svetofor retail chain has become the main development of the company in Europe under the MERE brand. The company contributes to the development of an optimal infrastructure for the trading sector, we are a trading tool that allows the manufacturer to sell their products as quickly as possible and in large volumes.

Information, consulting, training

MERE has adopted and operates corporate norms that are binding on all employees of the company.

More information on the corporate governance system can be found here.

Our areas of activity

As a leading retail company, we are part of a dynamic world that is constantly evolving. A sustainable future is critical to us and can only be ensured with proper responsibility. At MERE, we believe that long-term economic growth can only be achieved if it is consistent with a responsible approach to society, our employees and the environment.

Find out more about Sustainable Development Practices at MERE here.