MERE in Europe

Better for you and the planet

As a leading discounter retail chain, we are part of a dynamic world that is constantly evolving. A sustainable future is critical to us and can only be ensured with proper responsibility. At MERE, we believe that long-term economic growth can only be achieved if it is consistent with a responsible approach to society, our employees and the environment. Therefore, we are constantly working on measures and projects related to sustainable development. Our vision for sustainable development defines what we strive for, which is to offer an excellent quality of life to our customers, employees and everyone who works with us, while protecting the environment and the society in which we live. So, we set ourselves ambitious goals in these areas to get better every day.

MERE has firmly incorporated the principle of sustainable economic activity into its business model. We also consider environmental and social aspects as part of all business decisions and processes. Our commitment to sustainability is divided into four areas of expertise

Our areas of activity

  • Supply chain and products

We work closely with suppliers to implement high quality standards and improve the transparency of the entire supply chain. Suppliers must meet our quality requirements and meet environmental and social standards

  • Energy and resource management

Resources are limited and worth considering. At MERE we have a special responsibility to help achieve the company’s climate goal

  • Employees and social issues

We attach great importance to creating a pleasant work environment characterized by fair working conditions, trust in our employees, genuine leadership and success through excellence

  • Interaction and dialogue

As an active part of society, we strive to contribute to solving social problems in our markets